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Inspired to Give is a for-profit marketing and event organizing company

We help businesses enjoy success by “Building Prosperity Through Giving.” We have created an innovative marketing program with charitable giving as the cornerstone. Marketing and promotion are done through a variety of outlets, including: charitable event exposure, internet marketing and social media.

Inspired to Give organizes and promotes Running on Love 5K Festivals for Love

Our marketing sponsorship program in Running on Love 5K Festivals for Love provides corporations with advertising, internet, and social media promotion. This year-long sponsorship program offers a powerful branding opportunity, participation for company employees, a team building exercise that fosters camaraderie,  and is a great addition to a company wellness program.

Powerful Benefits of the Inspired to Give Sponsorship Program:

An event marketing program that …

  • Promotes & enhances your brand
  • Gains positive exposure to thousands of prospects year-round
  • Positions your brand as a community role model
  • Creates inspirational and memorable messages for your social media presence
  • Increases your visibility through year-round speaking opportunities year-round
  • Provides you greater visibility over your competition
  • Creates an uplifting work environment and improves morale
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