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Lori Photo Shoot A2Lori Michelle, President

A Fairleigh Dickinson University graduate with a degree in Economics and Finance, Lori Michelle founded Gateway Creative Group in 1988, a full-service marketing communications company. She has assisted businesses from Fortune 100 to small start-ups, in creating marketing communications, branding, advertising, web presence, business development and management, for over 25 years. Lori’s strength in building lasting client relationships began decades ago and to this day she remains the vital and trusted partner of many of her long standing clients.

Ran Her 1st Marathon for Charity in April of 2007

Running a marathon in memory of Lori’s late father and raising funds for charity was a compelling experience that was the catalyst of her running several more events to honor other people she loved. This pastime of running and fundraising for charity energized her and opened her mind and heart to the deep importance and joyful benefits one can receive from being dedicated to supporting charities and giving back to the community.

November of 2009 Lori founded Running on Love, a 501(c)3 non-profit charity

In 2009, Lori’s life was altered by health challenges. She found herself suffering from profound hearing loss that was progressing to deafness. As an outgoing and gregarious woman who built her career on relationships and communication, the knowledge that she was going deaf was overwhelming and devastating. Understanding that many people suffered from debilitating losses, she recognized the extraordinary joy she was receiving from her devotion to charitable giving. “The hand you extend is the one that lifts your own soul” is her life philosophy and the principal she now lives by.

Lori created Running on Love to inspire individuals to actively support charity in honor of the people they love. She realized when running in memory of her late father, that giving and performing an act of charity to honor someone you love is a source of profound well-being and joy. It is now her life’s goal to share this message with as many people as possible.

President of Inspired to Give LLC, a Marketing and Event Organizing Company

Following her passion and belief in giving, Lori founded Inspired to Give, LLC which places philanthropic giving at the cornerstone of a company’s marketing program and corporate mission. As President of Inspired to Give, LLC, she focuses on helping corporations and the community by “Building Prosperity Through Giving”. Having personally experienced the benefits of being charitable, she counsels businesses of all sizes that marketing with a mission serves a corporations’ philanthropic goals while simultaneously improving profitability and public exposure. This marketing and branding approach is a win for both businesses and the community alike.

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