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InspiredToGive_Vert_WhiteBackground_Tagline jpeg cropped LinkedIn640Our Mission:

Inspired to Give is a for-profit marketing and event-organizing company with the expressed mission of “Building Prosperity Through Giving”.

Our sponsorship and marketing programs will improve a company’s stature and visibility in the marketplace. Inspired to Give offers marketing programs and organizes Running on Love fundraising events, which are focused on providing fundraising support and awareness for all registered charitable causes. We provide marketing programs that enable companies to Give and Grow Richer.

Cause Marketing Creates Opportunities

Not only does giving feel great, but it is also a source of prosperity for businesses, and the return on this investment is exponential:

  • Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Great word of mouth for increased visibility and recommendations for new business
  • Team building and camaraderie within the company
  • Leadership opportunities for your employees beyond their work responsibilities
  • Increased employee satisfaction, retention, morale, health, and recruitment
  • Fosters relationship-building with your customers and the community at large

Why Choose to Brand Your Business as a Giver?Building Prosperity handshake Web Resolution400 x 445 Linked In

Research proves consumers overwhelmingly support companies that give. Companies distinguish themselves from their competitors and see many benefits through charitable giving, including loyal customers and happier employees. Statistics show that 82% of U.S. consumers consider corporate social responsibility when deciding which products or services to buy and where to shop.[1] This ensures that a philanthropic message in a company’s marketing and brand identity is a must.

Also known as “Mission Marketing”, charitable giving communicates to the public-at-large that your company is dedicated to supporting important, meaningful causes. One in five consumers (19%) said they prefer to “give back” by purchasing socially responsible products and 39% preferred to split their giving between charities and cause-based brands.[2] Placing giving at the cornerstone of a company’s marketing program is not only essential but it’s great for the bottom line.

[1] Cone Communications and Echo Research, May 2013

[2] Good.Must.Grow. Online Research study. Data collected, February 20 – May 10, 2014

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