Pay-it-Forward Branding and Rewards Program

Pay It Forward Zone Green Road Sign, business concept

Sponsors receive their own unique coupon code

Our unique “Pay-it-Forward” rewards program provides a branding opportunity to promote your own unique registration code. This branded coupon code provides financial benefits to those who use them and participate in the Running on Love events.

How the program works:

  • Sponsors provide people with their branded coupon code
  • The coupon code provides a discount on registration into our events
  • Use of this code is tracked earning the sponsor 5% on all registrations
  • Use of the branded code promotes the company name and provides a pay-it-forward reward.

Sponsors that help encourage more participation in Running on Love events receive:

  • 5% “Pay-it-Forward” reward for referring annual Running on Love 5K event sponsors
  • 5% rewards are paid for registering participants into Running on Love 5K events
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