Who Wins When We are Inspired to Give?

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Businesses Win

In our marketing program companies deliver an inspiring message, brand their company as a giver, and encourage their employees to be actively charitable. Your image and brand are elevated in the eyes of the public and your employees engage in wellness and charitable activities which boost their morale and team camaraderie. As the community and charities receive much needed support, your company receives recognition and approbation in a wonderful give and receive circle of well-being. Inspiring others to become sponsors and participate in Running on Love events earns financial rewards and benefits everyone involved.

Charities Win

Organizations chosen by participants as their beneficiaries receive much needed fundraising support. Running on Love events are well attended by charitable people who believe in giving back, providing a great venue to spread awareness about a charity’s important contributions to the community. Fundraising festivals benefit the beneficiary charities with more donations in a collaborative fun-filled day.

Participants Win

People who participate in the Running on Love events are joyful. They are choosing to be active, charitable and loving by dedicating their fundraising and participation to someone special. It is proven that when we are active, charitable and loving we are happier and healthier. Expressing your love in an active and charitable way is a gift to the one you love, and a deeply healing, rewarding and memorable experience for you.

When We Are All Inspired to Give, EVERYONE WINS.

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